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Q. Do you need previous vtubing experience to be selected for Kiss-a-Cafe?

A. Yes, but this includes PNGtubing or IRL streaming as well. We are an vtuber adoption agency, which means we take pre-existing vtubers or people with vtuber concepts and help to elevate them to the next level. Feel free to apply if you have a concept but have been unable to get it off the ground.


Q. Do we need a model and brand before joining, or are we provided with an identity?

A. We are currently adopting existing vtuber brands but also willing to work with you to create a new brand. We do not have pre-existing models and assets to assign to you.


Q. How much guidance is provided for talents?

A. We have monthly analytic and VOD reviews in order to help guide our talents in the right direction, but additional direction can be provided for those that desire it. 


Q. How much are we required to stream/create content?

A. Ideally our talents would stream at least twice a week. We ask for a minimum of 5 hours a week dedicated to content creation and building your brand. This can include video editing, streaming, working on covers, etc.

Q. What is the revenue split?

A. 70% to you, 30% to the company for content creation revenue. Throne gifts, outside commission work, etc are all 100% to you.

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